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                       How to Invest TODAY
                                 Guide to invest at best but consciously!

What it means for us to invest with awareness.
In the last time we had known of many situations of  “financial default”. This is a condition when the company is not able to refund his wn debts. For example:Lehman Brothers” or “Mr.  Berny Madoff Ponzi Scheme”!
The paradox is that these investments was proposed and sold from primary Banks and some financial advisors or companies that are involved in these terrible crash. But was happened to the customers? They have lost all the money invested!!!The problem is not only a matter of numbers or money but to destroy the savings of an entire life!
These events in not a moral or ethical matter but a social responsability. 

Who must save these people? The politics? Yes, sure. But it’s not enough.
The priority is to know what is a financial investment. It’s a question of confidence on the financial system but in the same time of culture.This last point is strictly personal or each individual that could protect himself!How you could protect yourself? Inside this
  financial scenario of the last years is very difficult  to understand what’s a good investment but exists some good rules on the road to respect:
To inform consciously abot the financial instrument you want to subscribe
To request if the financial advisor is authorized and  if he is  free of conflict  of interests.
About the point no.1 there are basic rules to follow with attention and scruple to avoid a bad experience
1.To know exactly the type and the nature of the investment(sector of  di investment  and level of risk)
Duration of the investment
3.Terms and conditions to comply and to disinvest
4. Skill and professional assistance from the financial advisor(control of skill and personal reputation)
Legal and contractual clauses      
  details are fundamental to understand from the investor that need to know the basic information to decide to invest.        
The investor need to learn some financial terms and features to protect himself to lose the money! Fast!

          Independent financial advisor

When an investor need a professional assistance it’s important to know who is the advisor that help you really.

The best solution is an independent financial advisor  that work  free of conflict of interests. This a basically point of start. The independent financial advisors are professionals that have a good skill on finance and real estate market and analyse the global market at best for the client because he isn’t involved into a game to achieve the best commission. He don’t receives any commission on the products he suggests.

He receives a consultancy fee regards the assistance and economic analysis.

This is the fundamental difference that play in favour of the client.
The second point is to know the reputation of the financial advisor. Not all the time a big company is a good advisor!
are doing the financial advisors. How does it works?
The independent financial advisor is a free professional that work without conflict of interestsHe is payed only from the consultancy fee from the client.   

He has no link with intermediares, Banks, insurance  or sales networks.
The suggestions of the independent financial advisor will be concluded by the Bank or the Financial Company agreed and shared with the client.
The management and the analysis of portfolio: what offer the Independent  Financial  Advisor?
The Independent Financial Advisor
: provide the own financial consultancy and don’t sale financial products. To play it safe and on the own interest of the client.
The Independent Financial Advisor:
work with skill and professionality to suggest the client to find the best solution of investments, with a controlled risk and less expensive.
The Independent Financial Advisor
:analyse the needs and aims of the client,  to remodel and rebuild the portfolio, to reduce the  useless costs to optimize the financial position  on the market.
he Independent Financial Advisor: suggest the best way to finalize the aims, as the risk profile and personal financial asset of the client.

What doesn't make the
Independent Financial Advisor :
The Independent Financial Advisor  has no access, neither direct nor indirect, to the own asset of the client that is deposited by his Bank or his Financial Company or invested on real estate property.The Independent Financial Advisor  don’t receive any commission from intermediares, Banks, insurance companies or developers.
Independent Financial advisor don’t sale financia
VR Finanza represent a group of professionals, lawyers, real estate brokers and independent financial advisors to provide the best service to the client.

Mr. Valerio Rossi, Global Advisor

Mission & vision


To provide the best service for private investors and companies that needs a high calibre consultancy.

 VR Finanza offer a global consultancy on 360°


The service for the client it’s extremely important for us. It’s so important that every partner of VR Finanza are professionals with a large  and international skill that monitoring every day the market share with alla components of the group and the client , to take up the responsibilities of all transaction.

The trust

hand in hand

The trust each other is the fundamental basement to build a clear, clean and real partnership between the client and VR Finanza through the time and in the future.

This trust born with a personal meeting and interview to understand the aims and the risk profile of the client.

We work only with an exclusive agreement.

With this strictly and reserved realtionship we open a new challenge where the trust and the skill to make it one’s business to find out the best solution.

VR Finanza, which was established 18 years ago and VR Immobiliare from 2002 is one of the leading property service companies for the Middle East in Italy. VR Finanza is 'A turnkey global advisor and consultant' that covers the following areas:

  • Identify unique investment opportunities within the financial sector for investors, customers & partners.

  • Identify and search for ideal investment that reflects client's life style and risk profile they deserve.

  • Establishes Global Agents network & provide a service center for the partners and professionals where they can have access to full service package (FSP) which include many service and support to every our partners & agents.

  • Provides a service connect directory and e-connections on VR Finanza web space that provide a full financial services & solutions for the most exigent customers. In addition to that VR Finanza will provide online Auction services to support and inform in real time:                   

On skype: vrinvestment

Facilitates insurance & finance through local strategic partners.

VR FINANZA GROUP of professional global advisors and real estate agents overview

VR Finanza was founded from Mr.Valerio Rossi, which was established 18 years ago and VR Immobiliare is one of the leading property service and brokerage companies in Italy for Italian, Estonian & Middle East real estate market.
Utilize the power of the internet to support its various offline activities and operations Facilitate trading through the online selling and buying of properties within the targeted markets. Establishing a leadership position in the target markets.Giving the opportunity for its partners around Italy and the Middle East to use VR Immobiliare's advanced platform, enabling them to conduct their business in a more efficient manner. To revolutionize the way to be a partner of investors, clear, clean and indipendent without interest conflicts with products or companies to be a global advisor and not an agent! To set a benchmark and position itself as a major global advisor model with a unique value proposition to extend the best benefits available through a personal relationship to protect the privacy and security of the client, his family and the asset he needs to value To be the leading company specializing on investment market and buying properties around the worldTo create the most powerful network of professionals and partners throughout Switzerland, Italy, London and the Middle East, and leverage its power to provide enhanced value, coverage, and service to the end user.
Target Market

Private and corporate investors

Home owners and property developers

Other real estate industries (e.g. contractors, consultants, architects, interior designers, …etc)as well as cross industries (e.g. banking, financing institutions…etc).

The company recognizes it’s primary asset as its people.
We aim to make VR Finanza a very attractive and rewarding place to work for. We always try to provide encouragements and opportunities to help our people reach their potential. We invest in our people so our clients can gain the return.
VR Finanza operates with a team of various cultural backgrounds, educated well experience professionals. All our staff has local and international market knowledge and has been well trained to offer advice on various investment opportunities in  Switzerland, Italy, London and Dubai.
We at VR Finanza are proactive in helping our clients achieving their goals. Our existence relies on the ever-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe we will survive in business, only if our clients feel we do care about them and value our personal attention as individuals.

Management profile

Valerio Rossi 2018

Mr. Valerio Rossi, Independent global advisor, Introducer Broker & Property Finder

Mr. Valerio Rossi is the founder of VR Finanza & VR Immobiliare. Mr. Valerio Rossi is now the C.E.O. of Brave Consulting SA located in Lugano as consultancy and advisory company to assist and support companies and private. Mr. Valerio Rossi has worked in a Bank, Financial Advisor Companies, IT & telecommunication companies and he has different skills that had permitted him to grow a significant network of real estate broker in Italy and in U.A.E.

 Mr. Valerio Rossi's strategic vision has played a major role in the success of these companies.


VR FINANZA's consultancy, is completely in according to swiss and international law.

VR Finanza through his international partners and the network he has built many years ago could satisfy every needs of the client to provide the best service as possible. We are daily monitoring all the news and products to be competitive on the market.

We have representative offices with our partners in Lugano, Verona , Milan, London, and Dubai.

Mr. Valerio Rossi - Global Advisor

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Work with us

 e-mail: v.rossi@vrfinanza.eu

VR Finanza is the easiest, most professional, to locate top-producing financial advisors and real estate agents quickly.

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