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VR Finanza is dedicated to set itself as a class of its own providing high quality services and market top-notch products and services compromising nothing in the process and provide wide range of financial and property investment vehicles to suite wide range of investors, the company will provide wide range of services to support its core business, everything from marketing insurance products, to property management, mortgages, online services, communication and IT support. VR Finanza with VR Immobiliare umbrella (traders, Financial companies, analysts, real state companies, Architects, contractors, banks, real state owners, etc.) will actively promote itself to become the property exchange board primary source for trading, properties, development unique investment concepts and promoting financial & property investment choices in the world but especially within Italy, Switzerland & G.C.C. region, as a starting phase, and selected global countries in the future. In essence, to be a good Introducer & Market Broker.

VR Finanza, has focused his own core business in the last two years to find etilist and prestigious partners on financial services and investment to offer the best services of investments available in the world.

VR Finanza is only a introducer broker

We work everyday for our customers to:

  • Identify unique investment opportunities within the financial sector for investors & partners.

  • Identify and search for ideal investment that reflects client's life style and risk profile they deserve.

  • Establishes Global Agents network & provide a service center for the partners and professionals where they can have access to full service package (FSP) which include many service and support to every our partners & agents.

  • Provides a service connect directory and e-connections on VR Finanza web space that provide a full financial services & solutions for the most exigent customers. In addition to that VR Finanza will provide online auction services to support and inform in real time: On skype: vrinvestment 

  • Facilitates insurance & finance through local strategic partners.

Fiduciary services:

  • Corporate Governance
    Company setting up and management
    Tax benefits for individual and company
    International consulting and taxation 
    Customs taxation
  • Family office
    Administrative and daily management of personal needs

  • Consulting
    Bank access, private and corporate
    Business and management advisory
    Internationalization of businesses
    Business Development Strategy

  • Real Estate
    Research, sales and construction
    Diversification of investments

  • Facility, property and asset management for real estate properties in Italy, Switzerland and Dubai & U.A.E.

 e-mail: v.rossi@vrfinanza.eu

VR Finanza is the easiest, most professional, to locate top-producing financial advisors and real estate agents quickly.

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