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Innovative and ambitious, VR Finanza every day analyze the commodity markets around the world and especially in Brasil, Argentina, Switzerland, London, New York, and Dubai expanding its influence across the globe.

By offering a secure, professional service designed to optimize client investment returns, VR Finanza has enlarged the initiative in worldwide financial services and brokerage on commodities with VR COMMODITY TRADE, a group of professional international brokers with a large skill.

COMMODITY TRADE is rapidly gaining an enviable reputation in the european market, supported by a professional team of high calibre indipendent advisors, brokers, lawyers in Verona and other cities in Italy, who provides you with the security and support essential for successful service to trade commodities, offering instant, accurate, reliable information across some of the most important international markets.

Confidently, we will insure that VR COMMODITY TRADE will continue to provide each valued client with superb quality, personalized and professional service."

Mr.Valerio Rossi, Independent Global Advisor & Introducer Broker

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Mission & Vision

Company Overview

Management Profile

Company Services

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Mission & Vision


Use the power of the internet to support its various offline activities and operations.

Facilitate trading through the online selling and buying of commodities within the targeted markets.

Establishing a leadership position in the target markets.

Giving the opportunity for its partners around Italy and the rest of the world to  connect through our advanced platform, enabling them to conduct their business in a more efficient manner.

To revolutionize the way commodity market business is being done in Europe.

      To set a benchmark and position itself as a major consultancy model with a unique value proposition in Europe and extend the benefits available through some portals to the global community.

To be the leading company specializing on selling and buying commodities.

     To create the most powerful network of commodity partners throughout the Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, and leverage its power to provide enhanced value, coverage, and service to the end user.

Target Market

Seller and seller 's mandates, Buyer and buyer's mandates and Foundations on commodity market.

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Our vision is to play on the market of commodities, financial and real estate services with a special attitude to create a strong relationship with every customer where the trust is the most important starting point between our company and the customer.
Our staff is one of the leading commodities, financial and property service companies for the european market with his headquarter in Verona, Italy. Our organization is "A turnkey financial, real estate & commodity Solution Provider" that covers the following areas:

  > Identify unique service opportunities within the commodity sector for our customers & partners.

 >  Identify and search for ideal supplier for commodities that reflects client's needs they deserve.

>    Establishes Global Agents network & provide a service center for the partners where they can have access to full service which include many service and support to every our partners & agents.

  > Provides a service connect directory on VR TRADE Commodity, VR FINANZA & VR Immobiliare portals that provide a full building solutions for the different market.

  > Facilitates insurance & finance through local strategic partners, change of currencies B2B with the partnership of some important international financial institutions and Banks.

                         Company owerview


Our organization was founded on January 2010 from some professionals and an international lawyer with a large skill about business around the world in different fields as finance, real estate and commodities.

This trust could born through a meeting from our company, his partners and the new potential customer.

Every contact exists only with this special relationship.

This is our proposal and professional effort to offer the best service as possible. 

Assets: Our organization recognizes its primary asset as its people. We aim to make our company a very attractive and rewarding place to work for. We always try to provide encouragements and opportunities to help our people reach their potential. We invest in our people so our clients can gain the return. Our company operates with a team of various cultural backgrounds, well educated,  experience, professionals. All our staff has local and international market knowledge and has been well trained to offer advice on various investment opportunities in Italy, London, Switzerland, New York and particularly in Dubai.

We are proactive in helping our clients achieving their goals. Our existence relies on the ever-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe we will survive in business, only if our clients feel we do care about them and value our personal attention as individuals. We are interested in any business which could be referred to me if profitable but legal in all aspects.

We are a professional team of Exporter/Importers/agents/buyer mandates/seller mandates/Traders/Marketing of several commodities in which we would like to collaborate and cooperate, and establish a network of business in various commodities. We run a worldwide operating, well established network of independent partners in commodity business. We are associated with some partners in Europe and around 70 countries, covering all the continents, and almost all the commodities.

We work with our partners in the commodities mainly:

1. GOLD(in bullion or bars & dust)

2. Diamonds: from South Africa

3. Steel scrap Used Rails and HMS-1, HMS 1&2.

4. Sugar ICUMSA 45, Cane Sugar origin, having a Joint Venture with three Refineries,

5. Rice, cereal and spices.

OILS VEGETABLES, Crude and Refined, human consummations (Sunflower, Rapeseed, Palm, Corn, etc),

6. Cement (all Grades) and Clinker

7. Copper Cathode.

8. Urea- Prilled and granular

9. Petroleum products as:



Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Metric Tons per Month

MAZUT 100 GOST 1058575

Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Metric Tons per Month

MAZUT 100 GOST 10585-99

Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Metric Tons per Month


Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Barrels per Month


Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Metric Tons per Month

Automotive Fuel Diesel Oil En590

Minimum Quantity: 5,000 Metric Tons per Month

AGO & Bonny Light Crude Oil


Clinker Cement Portland 32.5, 42.5 N or R, 52.5


All types of Metals, steel, iron plates, rods, Metal arts and crafts, Rails, Sheets, Foils , Coils, Wires, etc

Metal Scrap:

Tire wire, HMS 1, HMS 1&2, Used Rails, Copper Cathodes, copper wired, copper sheets, copper rods, and copper utensils.

Office Supplies:

Escorting of business from first contact to contract and to the execution and performance of the same.

Fair business, reliability, competence.

Research and exploring of new markets

Expanding our network by means of strong relations, good availability and performance, realistic prices and commissions.

In this regards, we request you to kindly furnish, your complete contact details, Offers/Queries, in detail, as per the questionnaire , we have formed and mail it to us. 

We will need the LOI and the Soft Probe if you are the buyer or buyer mandate and FCO if you are the Seller or seller mandate, after the confirmation of the Price and requirement/offer.

We request you to kindly furnish, your complete contact information, queries, in detail, as per the questionnaire, we have formed and mail it to us.

Please sign seal and send the NCNDA with all the details, and mail it to us along for effective reply from our end.

Any information without relevant details required as per the questionnaire will not be treated as a serious query.

We will need the LOI and the Soft Probe after the confirmation of the Price and our requirement.

Valerio Rossi, global advisor and introducer broker

Management profile


Mr. Valerio Rossi, Global advisor and introducer broker

Mr. Valerio Rossi is the founder of VR Finanza, VR Commodity Trade & VR Immobiliare. Mr. Valerio Rossi has worked in a Bank, Financial Advisor Companies, IT & telecommunication companies and he has different skills that had permitted him to grow a significant network of real estate broker in Italy and in U.A.E.. Mr. Valerio Rossi's strategic vision has played a major role in the success of these companies.

Many people that work with us, has excellent skill from several years in commodities directly with buyers, buyer's mandates, seller, seller's mandates and foundation. He is the official introducer broker and advisor of VR COMMODITY TRADE and Sales Agent of some important players in Europe and Emirates.



Send your inquiries to: vrcommodity@gmail.com

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We are seller's and buyer's agents and introducer brokers of the most important trust companies in the world.

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